Requiem for Mia Zapata –
a podcast with guest speakers attorneys Steve Fogg and Tim Bradshaw

January 21, 2021

Some twenty years later, the death of musician and lead singer of the band The Gits, Mia Zapata, continues to be a tragic story told and remembered in the Seattle community.  Her murder shocked and forever changed the grunge music scene in the 1990s.  Corr Cronin attorneys Steve Fogg and Tim Bradshaw were former King County prosecutors in the cold case unit who prosecuted the killer. They are guest speakers on the Pod Cast Requiem for Mia Zapata. They share their story and details of the investigation and trial that led to the conviction of the man that brutally murdered Mia.  Gone but forever remembered, listen to Mia Zapata’s story and how the Seattle music scene to this day mourns the loss of the talented lead singer of the band The Gits.  Listen to the pod cast now.

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