CLE: Litigating Class Actions: Settlement Strategies

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Featuring: Emily Brubaker Harris
May 9-10, 2019 | Seattle, WA | Perkins Coie, 1201 Third Avenue


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Attorneys, business executives and consultants involved with class action litigation, and government officials involved with parallel investigations

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2019 promises to be another busy term for the U.S. Supreme Court on class action issues. In PDR Network v. Varlton & Harris the issue is whether courts must defer to the FCC’s interpretation of the TCPA – – a statute that has been a continuing source of a large number of class actions relating to unsolicited faxes and phone calls. In Apple v. Pepper, the Court’s decision on whether purchasers of iPhone apps have standing as direct purchasers to pursue antitrust claims related to purchases from Apple’s App Store of third party designed apps. Similarly awaiting decision is the important question in Lamps Plus v. Varela of whether arbitration agreements must expressly call for class wide arbitration for this remedy to be available. In addition, lower courts continue to interpret and apply opinions from previous Supreme Court cases. We’re pleased to be able to cover such cases and trends in detail during this year’s two-day program.

You’ll be able to hear in particular from panels addressing two relatively new topics of class action importance that have seen explosive growth recently. The first involves the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in products and services, and the resulting prospects for products liability and consumer protection class actions relating to sales of such products. The second involves use of class actions in environmental damage litigation over perfluorinated compounds entering drinking water supplies.

The program once more this year will begin with Chuck Casper’s annual update of case law trends including discussion of such issues as the relationship of arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. Other topics will include the most effective settlement strategies in class action cases, and important ethical considerations faced by class action practitioners.

We hope you will join us for this program and also continue the conversations during the reception at the end of the first day. Class actions continue to be a lively area of law and it promises to be a very interesting two days.

~ Thomas L. Boeder, Esq. of Perkins Coie and Timothy G. Fielden, Esq. of Microsoft, Program Co-Chairs

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