Corr Cronin Helps to Win Ninth Circuit Appeal on Behalf of Pro Bono Asylum Client

November 19, 2018

Corr Cronin, working as co-counsel in an immigration appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, won a victory on behalf of an asylum applicant named Adnan Mohammed.  Mr. Mohammed fled Ghana and came to the United States.  At the border, Mr. Mohammed petitioned for asylum and other relief based on anti-gay attacks he had suffered.  Mr. Mohammed was detained, and an Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals rejected his claim.  Both the Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled that Mr. Mohammed had testified inconsistently and was not credible.

On appeal to the Ninth Circuit and working pro bono, attorney Eric Lindberg of Corr Cronin and David Freeburg of DLA Piper argued that the government violated Mr. Mohammed’s due process rights by providing an incompetent translator, and that any inconsistencies in his testimony was a direct result of translation mistakes.  The Ninth Circuit agreed, and ruled that incompetent translations occurred during Mr. Mohammed’s asylum hearing that prejudiced the outcome of his proceedings.  The Ninth Circuit granted Mr. Mohammed’s due process challenge and reversed the rejection of his asylum claim.  Mr. Mohammed’s case has been remanded for new testimony with the aid of a competent translator.

Adnan Mohammed v. Jefferson B. Sessions III, No. 17-70686 (Mem. Disp. Oct. 31, 2018).

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