Corr Cronin Attorneys Seek Injunction Limiting Harm Caused by City’s Homeless Encampment Sweeps

Corr Cronin, in cooperation with the ACLU of Washington, is representing four individuals and a proposed class of homeless Seattle residents in a lawsuit against the City of Seattle and the Washington State Department of Transportation alleging that the City and state have been illegally seizing and destroying personal property of homeless individuals when they conduct sweeps of homeless encampments. Todd Williams, Eric Lindberg, and Blake Marks-Dias recently filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction asking the federal court to limit the sweeps conducted by Defendants.  As explained in Plaintiffs’ briefing to the court, plaintiffs and members of the class have lost items essential to their survival, such as tents, sleeping bags, medications, and identification documents in the sweeps conducted by Defendants. More about the lawsuit and the recent federal court hearing on Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction can be found here and here.

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