Trial Strategies from the Experts

June 2, 2017. Seattle, WA
Featuring Blake Marks-Dias and Steven Fogg

Most civil cases settle.  Consequently, while your pretrial and negotiation skills may be sharp, your trial skills are likely rough.  When your big case does not settle at mediation, will you be ready to win at trial?  This concise half-day program will help get you ready by offering tips and tricks from veteran trial lawyers, jury consultants, and trial judges.

Blake Marks-Dias, Program Chair, put together this important program and will provide an overview of the topic.

Steve Fogg will speak at the CLE as well, addressing the topic of “Effective (and Ethical) Witness Preparation and Testimony” including: how to put your witness at ease, the danger of the over-prepared witness, avoiding the pitfalls of the witness preparation industry and how to help your witness once he/she takes the stand.

Other veteran trial lawyers, consultants and trial judges will address these additional topics:

  • Persuasion and the Art of Storytelling Primacy and Recency: Tools for Powerful Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
  • Voir Dire: Tips for Jury (De)selection
  • Views from the Bench: What Works and What Fails

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