As we continue to monitor COVID-19 and its impacts, Corr Cronin LLP remains fully operational and well prepared to respond to our clients’ needs.  While we have made the decision to close our physical office, the Corr Cronin attorneys and staff are well equipped to work remotely and securely. Please continue to use our normal contact information (phone and email) to reach us.  

We hope everyone is healthy and safe during this time. 

Litigation is about results

For two decades, Corr Cronin has set the standard for high-stakes litigation in the Pacific Northwest.  Our attorneys are consistently ranked among the best in their field, and the firm is recognized time and again as one of the top litigation firms in Seattle.

We are trial lawyers, first and foremost.  We go to court, we try cases, and we win.  Corr Cronin’s practice areas are as broad as the clients and cases that take us to courtrooms across the country.  

Founded by former big law partners, we combine the sophistication and expertise of a big firm with the lean and client-centered focus of a boutique.  Our mission is simple:  win.


Chambers USA – Client Quote

“The team is business and solution-oriented, providing candid, clear and actionable advice.”

Chambers USA – Client Quote

“The client service at the firm is great. The lawyers fight to win, and are smart and practical.”

“They are practical, smart and efficient. They are very straightforward about how they approach litigation, keeping business needs in mind, yet also very nimble in their ability to react to changing situations or circumstances.”

“They are a high-end boutique,” confirms a peer. “They have four partners in the ACTL, which for a firm of 18 or so people is quite a lot.” Another peer concedes, “For Litigation, Corr Cronin is the firm to beat in Seattle. They are becoming a real ‘brand’ where clients coming to them with their hair on fire know that they’re going to get high-quality, trial-tested, ‘SWAT team’ litigation.”

US News – Best Law Firms, Client quotes:

“This company is a no-nonsense litigation firm which tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. I highly recommend them.”

“[Corr Cronin] is experienced. The lawyers give practical advice at an extremely good value. They are efficient.”

“This outstanding group combines cost-effective and highly responsive boutique service with the experience and expertise of a team of veteran trial attorneys. Sources say, lawyer-for-lawyer, Corr Cronin is arguably the finest firm in town.”

“Corr Cronin is one of our company’s “go to” firms for a wide variety of litigation issues. The attorneys quickly dig into legal issues and offer smart, practical advice. Mike Moore is one of those attorneys — a first-rate lawyer who provides exceptional client service. We depend on Mike to handle some of our toughest and most sensitive issues because he knows our business and gets excellent results.”
–Laura Buckland, T-Mobile U.S.A., Inc.

US News – Best Law Firms, Client quotes:

“[Corr Cronin] is our ‘go to’ Seattle firm for top rate litigators at reasonable rates.”

“Corr Cronin is a great firm. They are very practical in their approach to litigation. They are trial-tested lawyers that carry a big stick, but temper when to use it. I really enjoy working with them.”
–Ryan McManis

“Corr Cronin is a very practical firm, with great knowledge, strategic approach and an unmatched value proposition.”

Aviation Law

Business Litigation

Class Action/Mass Tort

Employment Law

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Intellectual Property

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Professional Liability

Real Estate & Environmental Litigation

Securities Litigation

White Collar/Investigations

Ladder Down: Professional Skills and Personal Connections

Ladder Down: Professional Skills and Personal Connections

Bar Bulletin: On a Saturday morning in January 2021, twenty-five female attorneys from the Seattle area participated in a Zoom meeting. As I joined the meeting, I won-dered whether it was more intimidat-ing to walk into a room of twenty-five strangers or watch twenty-five strang-ers stare directly at me all at once. This first meeting took place virtually due to COVID, and during a time when I was feeling the impact of a lack of connec-tion with the professional world outside my firm.

Corr Cronin Lands a Victory in Pro Bono Matter Allowing Access to Health Care for Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth

Corr Cronin Lands a Victory in Pro Bono Matter Allowing Access to Health Care for Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth

Big victory this month obtaining intensive mental health care services for children, youth, and their families. Corr Cronin LLP attorney Blake Marks-Dias, along with Disability Rights Washington, took legal action against a policy that prevented undocumented immigrant and refugee children and youth from having an equal opportunity to receive Wraparound with Intensive Services (“WISe”) benefits.

Cryptocurrency Litigation in Washington

Cryptocurrency Litigation in Washington

Litigation involving cryptocurrency is increasing in Washington and around the country—both between private parties and in regulatory enforcement actions brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), the Washington Department of Financial Institutions (“DFI”), and similar agencies.

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